The Winery

As a family we strive to focus on living sustainable in all aspects of life; from eating hyper local produce to using various biodynamic practices. We want to coexist in the natural world, not dominate or control it.

The winery located on Avenue des Corbieres has been a huge asset for us. With 100ft tall ceilings and 200m2 of space, Paul and Sarah have a blank slate to create their vision.

When Paul did his two seasons of harvest in the USA he learned many techniques that thave been incorporated into our wine making.

Paul searched all over France to find a rotating forklift, which we use to empty the freshly picked bunches directly into the destemmer or into the tanks. This method, by gravity, has minimal impact on the grapes, as they remain whole.

We emphasize clean, hands-off winemaking. Thus, a clean cellar is essential. When we make wine for three hours, we clean for four hours afterwards. The wine should reflect the vineyard and the cellar.

We use the minimum amount of sulfites as possible. IF organic sulphites are used, it is only at bottling. Our natural wines are without added sulphites.

We do not cold stabilize our white and rosé wines. Cold stabilization is a process that typically happens just before bottling to clear the wine of any natural depots or harmless tartaric crystals. While many people do this for aesthetic reasons, we have decided we prefer to keep the gorgeous aromas and complexity of these delicate wines, which means the appearance of tartaric “diamonds” can appear when the wine is very cold.

We will always follow our philosophy of making wines minimally manipulated and as natural as possible. Our natural wines are the best example of hands-off winemaking. We trust the quality of our grapes and our work as winemakers.

We believe in the power of biodiversity.
We plant hedges of trees and bushes between the plots of vines in order to reintroduce sustainable biodiversity.

Our Wines

White, Rosé, Red or Orange, come and discover our wines.

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