The family

The family of Paul Refalo has cultivated the same vineyards for six generations. It was is 2020 that he and Sarah took over the wine domaine.

Sarah Verrill Refalo, from the East Coast of the USA, met Paul while working for the same vineyard in New Zealand.

Their objective is to bring a multicultural approach to organic agriculture all in respect to the historical traditions of the Corbières region.

A love story

Paul Refalo and Sarah Verrill Refalo took their relationship through three countries and numerous visas before deciding to settle in Paul’s ancestral town of Cruscades in the “South” of France.

More than 140 years of vigneron lineage : Starting with Vincent in 1878 and continued by Paul in 2020.

The Calmon family

It all started in 1878 with Vincent Calmon, Paul’s great-great-great-grandfather.

Six generations and a love affair later, Paul and Sarah are here to stay. To create a community in Cruscades, to produce the best wine possible, and to show the world how truly phenomenal the Corbières region is.

Just some words…

Sarah Verrill Refalo

American, Vigneronne, Free Spirit, Creator, Wifey

“I met Sarah in 2016 at the vineyard we both worked for,
on the South Island by the lake Wanaka. A few months later we were in love.

Since the start Sarah was my
number one support, my American cheerleader. While we were talking about our lives and our dreams once back in our respective countries, Sarah told me that I could not consider taking over the family estate without having the ambition to produce my own wines.
Sarah pushed, supported and encouraged me in all my dreams and that we
share today.
Being a winegrower is more than a job, it is a way of life, a vocation. Sarah shares the same passion as me for wine and nature and together we are living this adventure with enthusiasm.
I am lucky to be married to my best friend, who guides and inspires me every day.”

xoxo Paul

Paul Refalo

French, Vigneron, Explorer, Handy-man, Husband

“We started our relationship as coworkers and friends and I am thrilled to say that hasn’t changed. I love waking up with my husband every morning, working in the winery with my coworker everyday, and sharing apéro with my friend every evening.

The nature of being a vigneron is to be competent in 10 different jobs. When I officially moved to France I maybe knew four of them and to see Paul excel in all 10 and then some more makes me fall in love with him all over again. He is a dedicated person in all facets of life and it is inspiring to see a young man be so respectful of others while also blazing a path of his own.

If we have success in our lives it is because he had his feet planted firmly on the ground and his eyes directed towards the future.”

xoxo Sarah

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