Our wines

Les Clefs

Our first range of wines is called “Les Clefs” or “The Keys.” In our family, we have a huge problem with keys… we lose them, “Où sont les clefs ?” and we get them mixed up, “Qui a les clefs ?” There are just too many keys.

In many ways the name is an inside family joke, but as we dig deeper there are many beautiful connotations of keys. They open and close doors, they tell stories, and they give movement.

We hope you can sense in our wines a fresh start, with a hint of history. Here we present the keys of the Corbières.

Les Clefs White

Grenache Blanc & Marsanne

Les Clefs Rosé

Syrah, Grenache & Mourvèdre

Les Clefs Red

Syrah, Grenache, Carignan & Mourvèdre

Family Tributes

During a hot summer day, Sarah and Isabelle sat at the kitchen table looking at old family documents of the vineyards and property dating back six generations.

They discovered that the first family member to commercially make wine was Francois Calmon, Isabelle’s grandfather. Francois bought the family cave, which we still have today, and made his first vintage in 1920.

This line of creative and classic wines is in honor of 100 years of Calmon Family winemaking: starting with Francois and continuing with Paul.


Orange Wine 100% Bourboulenc

Francois Calmon Red

Syrah & Grenache Noir

La soif de la Marquise


Garden Song

80% Vermentino 20% Grenache Blanc

Cortex Frontis

100% Mourvèdre VinNat

Ranch Rosé

50% Mourvèdre 50% Grenache Noir